PHONE:  (310) 572-6170

Both stores are extremely grateful for the outpouring of support we have received during this crisis.   Here’s how you can continue to help us keep the stores you love alive…

Pulp Fiction Culver City Covid-19

Happy Pride Month as well everyone! We won’t be able to quite do our usual celebrating but make sure to check out our Instagram where we will be featuring some recommendations and shout outs to our favorite LGBT+ books and creators. Now last year we sold buttons to raise money, that’s not entirely possible this year so I will be featuring different charities each week you can donate to to help support the community. This week’s charities are the Center for Black Equity which you can find out more about HERE and the Marsha P Johnson Institute which you can find out more about HERE


Here are, hopefully, all the answers to your questions about whats going on: 
I want to start off by answering the big question a lot of people have been asking, “Are we opening up?” While its true that LA has allowed business to start opening up, I don’t feel quite comfortable with it yet so for now we will be sticking to curbside only still. I believe in community and keeping each other safe, and I think this is the best decision for my employees and you guys while we figure out what our new policies will be for when we do open up.

Are you still getting new products?
Yep! I will continue to pull books like usual, although you should email in if there are specific issues you normally just pull off the shelf.

How can I get my books?
Via curbside pickup (please call ahead of time to arrange payment) or mail order.

What are the shipping rates?
If you only want graphic novels or trades then it is $5 a box since I can ship Media Mail
If you want comics it is $8 a box since they have pesky ads but you will get free bag and boards for all your comics if that helps?

How do I set up shipping?
Send me an email letting me know you’re interested in it and let me know how regularly you want me to ship things.

Payment options?
Either I can take a card over the phone or send you a PayPal Invoice, whichever works better!

I want to support the shop but I don’t care about having my books shipped….
You are always more than welcome to make a deposit to your account, and Pulp Fiction Culver City has set up a GoFundMe for the shop to help with payroll and bills

I lost my job and don’t think I will be able to get my Pull List
I am so sorry to anyone who has lost their job or is having a rough financial time due to all of this, it really sucks. So just let me know if you want me to put your pull on hold, cancel it all together or reduce it. I can’t do much to help but I don’t want this to feel like another burden or stress. I’m here to help you as much as I can so just let me know!

Kriss’s Office Hours:
I will be in the shop Sunday-Thursday from noon until 6pm.

Oh! Last thing, I’ll be doing a live Instragram every Wednesday morning at 11:30 to talk about the new #1s of the week so make sure to tune in!

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