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Batman Who Laughs’ infection spreads to series of DC one-shots this fall

Writers Sina Grace and Dennis "Hopeless" Hallum to make their DC debuts in a series of new DC one-shots and tie-in issues is coming in November and December, each featuring a different hero infected by the same chemical madness as The Batman Who Laughs.

Cates, Stegman Dissect Absolute Carnage's Heroes, Horrors & Cletus' New Look

CBR spoke with Cates and Stegman about the event and the horrific nature of their title character. The pair opened up on what roles characters like Spider-Man and Osborn will play as the story unfolds, what to expect from future issues and tie-ins, and whether this is the end of their long-running Venom storyline...

Lemire & Hester turn an 8 year-old girl into a tree in THE FAMILY TREE

If the story of Rhode Island founder Roger Williams getting eaten by an apple tree in his grave intrigues you, then this new Image Comics series will definitely strike your fancy...

FRACTION & CHARRETIER Plan the Perfect Crime Story with NOVEMBER

Crime touches on more than just the criminal and the victim, and in the upcoming OGN series November those lives will be shown and their stories told...


J.J. Abrams takes the webbed wonder to new heights when he and his son Henry partner with legendary spider-artist Sara Pichelli for a Spider-Man story like you’ve never seen before!
SPIDER-MAN #1 arrives September 18 in comic shops.

Green Lantern Corps no more in Grant Morrison’s upcoming Green Lantern: Blackstars mini

Looks like Hal Jordan messed up everything again. Following what are promised to be “catastrophic” events in October’s The Green Lantern #12, writer Grant Morrison and artist Xermanico present even more shocking doings in Green Lantern: Blackstars, a three-issue mini series.

33 Covers (and Counting) for MARVEL COMICS #1000

The variants for August 28's Marvel Comics #1000 have begun filtering out into the wild...

Marvel unveils a trio of new titles for November: DEADPOOL, MORBIUS, and SCREAM

The new series were accompanied by covers and info on a handful of other November titles from Marvel.

DEAD END KIDS Writer Reveals Numbers On Sellout & Going Back to Second Printing

Source Point Press' Dead End Kids #1 is going back for a second printing after the series' first issue was sold out - and in a rare move, the actual sales numbers are being released.

Vault announces BLACK STARS ABOVE as part of its NIGHTFALL imprint

Described as “a horror story that’s part The Revenant and part At the Mountains of Madness,” Black Stars Above is the next title added to Vault Comics’ annual horror imprint Nightfall.

Jason Shawn Alexander, Rodney Barnes team-up for KILLADELPHIA

Killadelphia, which is due out from Image Comics in November, is about a small-time cop who comes home to bury his father and finds a mystery. His native Philadelphia — so famous for its role in America’s founding — has fallen to corruption, poverty, brutality…and vampires.

10 Things Fans Might Not Have Known About Shang-Chi

Take a look at 10 things MCU fans might not know about their new favorite hero.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: GHOST-SPIDER #1 swings into Earth-616

Gwen Stacy has officially claimed her new codename and now she’s swinging into Earth-616. Following the conclusion of this year’s Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider, Gwen is back in Ghost-Spider #1 and taking advantage of her ability to travel between worlds.

Check out this trailer for DeConnick, Rios’ PRETTY DEADLY: THE RAT

Pretty Deadly is set to return on September 4, 2019.

PREVIEW: Humanoids’ H1 Universe continues to grow with OMNI #1

On this year’s Free Comic Book Day, Humanoids launched their new H1 line of titles with the H1 Ignition one-shot. A shared universe in which everyday people around the world mysteriously ‘ignite’ with superhuman abilities. Omni #1 formally introduces the first character featured in the H1 Ignition FCBD title, Cecilia Cobbina, a doctor who gains heightened intelligence as a result of the ‘ignition’ event.


Marvel's Ghost Rider, Helstrom Shows Officially Linked as 'Adventure into Fear'

Marvel Television is creating a new corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to Marvel Head of TV Jeph Loeb, Hulu's upcoming Ghost Rider and Helstrom shows will be linked as "Adventure into Fear" shows.

Everything we know so far about Star Trek: Picard

Over the past few weeks, thanks to SDCC and Star Trek: Las Vegas (the largest annual Star Trek convention), we’ve learned more about what this show will look like and who Jean-Luc Picard has become in the years since the last Star Trek movie, Nemesis. Here’s a rundown of everything we know (and a few things we think we know) about the series Star Trek: Picard, which is set to premiere on CBS All Access in the US sometime in 2020.

Sandman's Death Stars in DC's Latest Animated Short

Death, the fan-favorite recurring character from Neil Gaiman's groundbreaking Vertigo Comics series The Sandman, is making her official debut outside of comic books in a brand new animated short.

Jhonen Vasquez On Bringing Back Invader Zim With Enter the Florpus

Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, arrives Friday on Netflix. Series creator Jhonen Vasquez spoke with CBR about what the return of Zim means to him, his distaste of nostalgia for nostalgia's sake, and what his dream ad campaign for the movie would have been.

The 100 Best Anime Movies of All Time

This list is an attempt to create a primer of one hundred of the most influential and essential films that Japanese animation has produced offer a thorough aesthetic, technical and historical breakdown of why these films matter.

The 40 Best Kids Movies on Netflix

A great kids movie is a beautiful and rare thing...

Debate Club: The 5 best shark attack movies

Movies were made for sharks. You’re hearing the music in your head right now just thinking about it, right? Here’s our look at the scariest movie sharks. (And we promise to revise these rankings if Tommy Wiseau’s Big Shark turns out to be any good. Just kidding: We know it won’t.)


How aggressively cute toys for adults became a $686 million business

8,000-plus characters, 29 Conan O’Brien dolls alone: inside the Funko Pop Vinyl phenomenon.

Gen Con is America’s largest and longest-running tabletop games convention. 2019 was the con’s 52nd year, bringing with it a record-breaking 538 exhibiting companies and a truly impressive 70,000 board gamers!