As of Friday, March 20th both the Culver City and Long Beach stores are closed to the public.  In addition, our distributor, Diamond Comics, has announced they are no longer shipping comic book stores new products as of April 1st, so the week of Wednesday, March 25th will be the last week we have new comics and graphic novels for the near future. 

First let us assure all, this does NOT mean the stores are closing.  We will still be open for curbside pickup and mail order of any items you have on hold and you can still place orders for comics, graphic novels and collectibles we currently have instore (Previewsworld/Pullbox is your friend).

Please make sure to read our weekly email newsletters  and follow us on social media to get the most up to date info on how we are handling this crisis, and each stores home page for specific info, hours, specials we are running and more.   And, as always, please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Stay safe all – Team(s) Pulp Fiction Culver City and Long Beach

Your guide for new (and old) releases, plus How to Use Pullbox videos and Q&A!

Pulp Fiction Long Beach is reloading its world famous Trading Post a couple of times a week for your reading pleasure during the lockdown…plus Ryan video commentary!!

Check out Pulp Fiction’s ALL AGES page, for a cornucopia of educational sites, games, fun activities, drawing lessons and so much more!


These indie publishers are being extremely helpful and generous during this crisis, sharing 50% of their online sales with comic book shops when your order from their site (you must specify your local store when ordering)...let’s support them by checking out their products and making some orders!


Hellstar Remina: A Guide to Junji Ito’s Lovecraftian Space Manga

The hunger of an evil living planet is humanity’s biggest threat in Junji Ito’s cosmic-horror tale Remina, set for an English release this year. Read all about it at Junji Ito is the Stephen King of horror manga – highly recommended! Check out all his books on…and remember

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Dav Pilkey At Home

Hello Supa Buddies! Welcome to Dav Pilkey At Home. Together we can get creative and have fun with some of your favorite characters from Dog Man and Captain Underpants! Check back every Friday to discover new activities, exciting videos, and so much more!

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TKO Offers 50% of Online Purchases to Comic Shops

Publisher TKO, known for titles such as The Banks, Sentient, and The Fearsome Doctor Fang, is helping direct market retailers fight back against financial hardship by offering 50% of profits from its online sales directly to comic stores. 

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This week’s variants

Check out our “VARIANTS” page for what’s in store now, and what will be instore soon!    NOW UPDATED WITH THIS WEEK’S VARIANT PRICES!

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Publisher’s Weekly’s Top 5 Adult Graphic Novels of 2019

The lists have already started… Publisher’s Weekly have chosen their top five adult graphic novels for 2019. And so it begins… I;ve read (and enhoyed) three of these, look like I have something to put on my Christmas list. Clyde Fans Seth (Drawn & Quarterly) Drawn over 20 years, Seth’s exacting

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Ryan does a “deep dive” into PFLB’s DC Graphic Novel section

Jared Wilson (Tom Danger) shares his kids recommended reads from our All Ages section