Syfy’s space-opera TV series Vagrant Queen feels simultaneously novel and deeply familiar. The 10-episode first season, based on Magdalene Visaggio’s 2018 Vault Comics series, is set in a distant galaxy, where titular renegade monarch Elida (Adriyan Rae) tries to evade the forces that overthrew her family. As the last member of her royal bloodline, she’s out to survive and retake her throne.

Showrunner Jem Garrard put together a fairly faithful adaptation of the comic, channeling Visaggio’s goofy sense of humor and neon-hued psychedelic visual style. Vagrant Queen’s unpolished earnestness is refreshing and comforting. This isn’t a show about big new ideas, but it still avoids feeling derivative by putting some novel spins on old tropes, and delivering compelling performances from its stars. Vagrant Queen will never join the ranks of science-fiction royalty, but it’s a scrappy show that shouldn’t be ignored.
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